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1966 ROADSTER Bronco U13FL769953 $6,500


66 ROADSTER Bronco for sale

This 1966 Bronco Roadster has the standard parts a 66 Bronco would have I6 engine 3 speed with shift on the column D30 front end small bearing rear end But it has been upgraded to electric windshield wipers.This is a great starter Bronco for a father son project or for someone that doesn't want to or cant do all of the welding/cutting to turn an old rust bucket a Gem. If you buy this Bronco we can install any thing you would like to add before you pick it up/ have delivered. We can install a lift or completely restore it for you if you want, All extra parts and labor would need to be quoted.

This Bronco is at our shop right now before we got it the floor pans and firewall were replaced, but riveted together. We drilled out the rivets and welded the pans back together while we were there we replaced rockers driver door post and front left fender apron. The 1/4 panels and front fenders are also new.



  • New firewall
  • New front floor pans
  • New door hinge posts
  • New front fenders
  • New DS fender apron
  • New rocker pales
  • New 1/4 pales
  • New battery
  • New Brakes
  • New fuel pump.












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