Their are a few things you need to look at before you buy cooling parts, Sure you could just through money at it until you change out enough parts to stumble across the problem or we can check on a few things and possibly save lots of money and time.

The first thing you want to look at is were is your problem, is it at low RPM's like in traffic or on the trail or at high speed this can give us good info on were to start looking for the problem. Their are only a few major parts to the basic cooling system look at these parts and see if they are worn out, leaking, miss sized or even missing. Some of this stuff can be eliminated by just measuring or the fact you just put in that new part. Their are many other smaller parts to the cooling system that you can look at to make it run even cooler but they will not fix the major problems. 

1.The engine:  You will want to check your timing and fuel mixture this can cause over heating. If you just rebuilt the motor make sure you put the head gaskets on the right way if you put them on wrong they will cover some of the holes for water to pass through and cause over heating. Some run a crossover tube on the back of the manifold and it might some but it is more of something that will help you fine tune the system but wont solve the major overheating problem.
2.The water pump:  If you are running a stock water pump their isn't any thing you can do to make it better except to replace it with a better one but you can make it spin faster and that will help.
3.The water pump pulley:  You need to make sure the water pump pulley is smaller than the crank pulley if it is this will make the water pump and the fan spin faster cooling the engine better, make sure the pulley is not too small this will cause the water to cavitate and cause overheating.
4.The cooling fan:
5.The hoses:  Are they cracked or leaking? Are they soft and spongy? if rubber hoses get oil on them regularly they get soft.
6.The coolant: Is it just low? water is great for cooling but makes rust and freezes, run antifreeze it changes the freezing and boiling points of the coolant. A 50/50 mix is what they recommend don't add to much, in this case more isn't better.
7.The Radiator:
8.Coolant recovery:  This is one of the things that is usually over looked but can really affect the system. If the engine gets hotter during hard driving the water could expand which would be released by the pressure cap into the recovery bottle and as it cools again it will be pulled back into the radiator. If the bottle is missing or leaks you will start to loose water and soon be overheating.
9.The fan shroud:  If you don't have one the fan just circulates air from the hot engine compartment and will pull some through the radiator. If you have a fan shroud the air is forced through the radiator cooling the hot water.

The B.C. heavy duty copper radiator is made using the same design that makes the new aluminum radiator work so well. While aluminum is only half as efficient at dissipating heat the shortcomings of aluminum are overcome by the fin and tube design i.e., more fins and tubes per inch. The shape of the fins and tubes and the fins being attached to the tubes, make better heat transfer. By making radiators from copper,  we can get more radiator in less space. Our radiator is only 2.25" deep (it will fit in your brackets without bending them) and only has 3 rows of tubes but it weighs 33% more than the 2.75" 4 row radiators that we have found. The extra weight comes from more fins and tubes. The 4 row radiators we checked had a total of 128 tubes 1/2" deep and 11 fins per inch. Our 3 core radiator has 135 tubes that are 5/8" deep and has 15 fins per inch. Get better cooling at an affordable price!
12-11111        MANUAL TRANS 3 PASS
12-11120        AUTO TRANS
12-11110        MANUAL TRANS

2 rows of 1" wide tubes 
5.0 engine conversions option
No Epoxy
100 % Tig Welded
All Aluminum Construction
6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Fittings
These are the Best Aluminum radiators money can buy

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These stock type mounts come in two finishes black and Stainless Steel. These mounts come with the bushings and are available for 3 and 4 core radiators. ALL OF OUR RADIATOR MOUNTS NOW COME WITH STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE.
V8 RADIATOR SS MOUNTING HARDWARE KIT: This kit comes with all of the hardware to install a fan shroud and radiator mounts
For a complete detailed list of all of our radiator mounts, check out our online store at www.store.bcbroncos.com