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This is the only Bronco roll cage that has been publicly tested multiple times just so that we can be sure it is safe.

We want you to feel safe and comfortable in your bronco without sacrificing your ebrake glove box or leg room

and without having to cut holes in your floor or welding supports to your frame.

The main part of the cage is frame mounted through your body mount bolts

(no cutting or drilling tons of holes in your Bronco)

the front support is removable when not four wheeling so that the front of your

Bronco is completely open

This is the Bronco before we started the roll cage test

This is the Sacrificial Bronco, it was a 1966 with a 6 cyl in it but it was just a rusty tub when we got it. We wanted to make sure it was about the same weight as a Bronco without a hard top so we used the parts that we had that were no good like bad fenders, hood, doors, radiator, some mustang seats and lots of other small parts and then welded them in place. After we made it look like a Bronco again we painted it with Red Zolatone and installed the roll cage.


Roll Cage test in Borego springs

.preping for 1st roll Bronco rolling over 3rd time

We let all of the local Bronco guys know we would be testing our new roll cage design at Borego springs so come on out and watch. Many of the SoCal Bronco guys came out and we put on a great show.

starting the 2nd rollBronco upside down on roll cage

Tiger (Blue Bronco with flames) towed the Bronco up to the top of a good sized steep hill, we got it close enough to the edge that 3 guys could give it a little push and it went rolling down the hill. We did that 3 times for a total of 6.5 rolls

Starting the 3rd rollRoll over test Bronco with hood missing after 3 test


In the roll cage test we rolled the Sacrificial Bronco 6.5 times with only the slightest damage to the cage,

As you watch the video look at how hard the Bronco hits the ground, every time we pulled it back up the hill we had to

re-air up the tires because the tires came off the beads. I couldn't imagine a bolt to the floor cage holding up to that kind of force.

cage damage up closeroll cage damage from left side

As you can see the homemade windshield frame was wasted but the roll cage was bent down slightly on the driver side about 1.5" and the center bar was bent about 1/8". If you watch closely in the Video on the last roll the Bronco is in the air and lands right on the cage, if it was bolted to the floor it would have went right through collapsing it around the driver.

floor hitting the D20floor damage from top

This shows that the roll cage system works we designed the 5th point to, in the event of a roll over to push down and hit something that was very strong and frame mounted, the transfer case. In the worst case it wound push down about 1/2". We hope you never get a chance to test out your roll cage but if you have one of these cages you know your safe.

firewall damage from engine

The first roll the engine broke loose and knocked the hood off. As you can see the rolls were easy but the landings were really hard smashing the firewall very badly.




This is the same design as the roll cage tested above

Rollcage painted and ready to install

a shot of the rollcage from the side

Below are some pictures of how the center bar fits with the windshield wiper motor rear view mirror

Rollcage showing center bar installed with drivercenter bar and rear view

This is were the plate bolts to the floor between the seats.

When you remove the center bar all you have is the flat plate and a 1" high stub.

how the bar mounts to the floor

Here you can see the bar doesn't crowed the driver and makes a great hand hold for the passenger.

In the pictures you can also see the center bar makes a great place to mount the

Fourtreks camera mount or flashlight/ fire extinguisher mounting brackets.

canter bar from the rear rear view and bar

How the roll cage bolts at the rear

This picture shows how the body mount bolt goes through the cage

and mounts the cage to the frame. With this design you can mount the Roll Cage to the

frame without cutting holes in the body or bolting the cage to the body and welding a tube to the


roll cage adn side of Broncofront of cage from side

rust holes don't effect cage mounting

With standard bolt in cages, this weak part of the floor is were you bolt your cage in place.

You are trusting that a little piece of 40 year mettle will keep you and your family safe.

Because of how we designed our cage, even if the floor is rusted out near the wheel tub

you can still bolt it in. The cage is bolted through the body mount to the frame.

As you can see with the Bronco upside down the rear passengers would still be safe if they were wearing their seat belts.

** Front seat mounts are an option and not included with the standard Roll cage


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75-00111 SPORT ROLL CAGE  




Here is our family cage it is just about like the cage above but is a little longer to protect the rear passengers. The down tubes are added for strength and provide a good place to bolt in rear 3 point seat belts.

family cage installed

family cage from the side

family cage from the rear

Here is a picture from the rear

** Front seat mounts are an option and not included with the standard Family Roll cage


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windshield to rollcage support installed

One option you can add to your cage is windshield frame stiffeners this will help keep your windshield frame from flopping

around when you don't have a hard top installed. If you order the adjustable windshield frame stiffer kit when order the

roll cage we will weld the tabs on for free.

Windshield frame stiffener for full cage

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roll bar grab handle optionpulling on roll bar handle


In the event of a roll over don't grab the roll cage you will loose your fingers.

Roll cage grab handles, these are the Best on the market when you grab these handles they don't bunch up around your fingers after holding on to one that bunches up all day on the trail you will know why this is a great product. These handles are secured with Velcro and straps so you know they will not just come off.


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91-50182 Grab Handles 





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