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Here is a short story on the beginings of BC Broncos and the first part we ever produced.
Our power brake kit was our first product

When chuck bought his first bronco in 1990 it had very poor brakes. He was driving it to Los Angeles, 120 miles a day in stop and go traffic so he had to have really good brakes. He replaced all of the drum brake parts, drums, backing plates, shoes, hardware, lines, wheel cylinders and master cylinder. The old parts looked good but he replaced them anyway and as you all know it didn't improve the brakes at all. So he found a D44 with disc brakes, it helped some but not enough. Then he went with a brand new power brake kit, the only after market one available at the time. When he went to put the unit in it didn't fit. It was hitting the inner fender, so he called the vender and talked to the owner and was told "that was the only one that was available". The unit was a copy of the original, "just dent in your inner finder and it would work" the guy said. They would not take it back because it was the right part. Reluctantly he beat up his Bronco's inner fender to get better brakes. The power brakes were a big improvement and he finally had good brakes, but that inner finder really bothered him, so he called the vender and tried to get them to make the unit better, make it fit without denting the inner fender. Chuck had an idea about how to change the way it was made. The vender seemed insulted, who was he to say they could make it better than a Ford designed part, besides they were the professionals and they have been doing this for over 20 years. If he wanted something better he would have to build it himself. SO HE DID.
It would take the vender a few years to realize that they made a mistake, there was a better way, and now their bracket doesn't require you to dent up your inner finder either.

Chuck decided to get into this with a partner.
After several test units they took the design to a fab shop that would punch the parts and weld them together. When all the parts were welded Barney and Chuck had 20 units, they decided to assemble one and bolt it on for a final check before selling them. But when the hood was closed it hit the master cylinder. The bottom bracket was welded on the wrong side of the back bracket making the M/C stick up about 1/2". All 20 brackets were wrong. Now this little company that didn't even have a name yet was out over 900 dollars for product that couldn't be used. There was some discussion about just calling it a loss and giving up... Debbie didn't want to part with another chunk of cash but in the end they corrected the problem and ordered more brackets and they worked this time.

Since the first brackets there have been a few slight changes.
The first brackets were built to fit a mustang power booster. The kit came with a rebuilt booster and rebuilt master cylinder and came in a gray with white powder coating.

As sales increased, the mustang power boosters started getting hard to find.  
So we started looking for a place to get new boosters, we finally had one made and also found a source  for new  1 1/8" bore master cylinders. Now that we had a new look we changed the powder coating to a beaten meddle silver gray.

The last color change came when we changed the powder coating to black.
The last change came when a vender copied our bracket design and started selling them. We added the BCB logo to let customers know they are getting an original high quality product, and not a knockoff, also to avoid having to warranty knockoff parts.
The bracket is made of 3/16" steel and is built with self-oiling bronze bushings so it can be rebuilt. We are the only manufacture of power brake brackets that uses replaceable bushings and this is why the bracket has a lifetime warranty.